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Keep Your Head Up"

"Don't Get Hit
Get Better"

  • Testimonials

    My son has been playing high level hockey for 5 years now and uses Heads Up Head Safe a few times a week to keep the muscle memory of never having to look down at the puck. Great tool for off ice and on!
    - S. Brewskin

  • Testimonials

    What a great idea to help my twins learn how to play hockey without looking down at the puck. They have been using it while practicing in the driveway for the last few weeks and we have already seen an improvement in their playing.
    -Mary and Joe S.

  • Testimonials

    Going from PeeWee to Bantam made me concerned about hitting & concussions. Heads Up Head Safe made my son see the ice so much better, it really eased a lot of my fears.
    - A. Brukson

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