"Keep Your
Head Up"

"Keep your head up!" is the most heard sentence in youth hockey. Keeping your head up allows you to see the ice, teammates and helps to avoid dangerous collisions, both intentional and accidental. "Keep your head up" is a great idea but are only words. 

With Heads Up Head Safe® from Trebby Sports, there is now a training tool that forces  your player to keep their head up while practicing on the ice or off, training the muscles and the brain to feel the puck instead of looking at it. By creating muscle memory, the players' safety, skill and hockey I.Q. will increase because they will be able to see the game better knowing where teammates and opponents are on the ice at all times.

Whether it is a young player just starting out or one that is already playing, practicing on the ice and off with Heads Up Heads Safe for 20 minutes a day. can enhance vision, improve stick handling, passing and shooting all while creating a player trained to see and avoid collisions.


My son has been playing high level hockey for 5 years now and uses Heads Up Head Safe a few times a week to keep the muscle memory of never having to look down at the puck. Great tool for off ice and on!

S. Brewskin

What a great idea to help my twins learn how to play hockey without looking down at the puck. They have been using it while practicing in the driveway for the last few weeks and we have already seen an improvement in their playing.

Mary and Joe S.

My daughter's coach let her use it in practice and when the other kids saw how she played in games they all use them for drills.

A. Kuzichkin

Heads Up Head Safe is an amazing tool that anyone can use. All ages can learn from this as myself and my little sister use this product to perfect our skills while keeping our head up for a safe and fun experience. Keeping your head up is one of the most important things to do in hockey as you are more aware of your surroundings while playing.

This tool has helped me so much as I see my skills broadening while advancing to a checking division and it has now become second nature to keep my head up.

Connor S.


Heads Up Head Safe is the best teaching tool a coach can have to help their players elevate their hockey I.Q. and skill by training their mind and body to never have to look at the puck again. 15 to 20 minutes a day and they see and feel results quickly. Not only does it make the player better but they play it safer by keeping their head up at all times. I really love their motto "Don't get hit get better!"

Vladimir Nikiforov, Elite prospect. Played in over 16 leagues including OHL, AHL, ECHL, FHL, CHL, EIHL. Currently playing in SPHL for Quad City Storm

I was lucky enough to get one of these when the rinks were locked down and my son went back on the ice with better hands and vision than every before.

M. Baran

Going from PeeWee to Bantam made me concerned about hitting & concussions. Heads Up Head Safe made my son see the ice so much better, it really eased a lot of my fears.

A. Brukson

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