About Us

Michael Triebwasser is a regular hockey dad who is concerned about player safety in the fastest moving sport there is. He created Heads Up Bar Down® to help players avoid dangerous collisions and to also help players develop their skill by training themselves to not have to look at the puck. After years of speaking to coaches and asking what is most important in a player, he found that keeping their head up is most important because it allows the player to bring a safer and more skilled game to the ice.

Nancy Triebwasser is an avid hockey Mom who not only loves to watch her son play but only a few years ago learned how to both skate and play hockey. She's still a beginner and loves being on the ice, it's her happy place! Nancy has created some creative and fun hockey themed items and is constantly coming up more great ideas.

We developed Trebby Sports as a way to introduce meaningful hockey ideas to parents outside the big box stores. Our first product, Heads Up Bar Down® embodies our love of the game and caring for the players' skill and safety. Our second product, The Drying Twig™ comes from our kids constantly leaving their wet equipment in a pile on the floor - with The Drying Twig™ – get it off the floor and over the door! Made in the USA is a big plus with us, and a lot of people we speak with, and that is why we are bringing you Trebby Tape. Proudly made in the USA our Trebby Tape is great quality Stick Tape and Grip Tape.

We are proud supports of The Wounded Warrior Project and The Long Island Warriors Veterans Hockey Club.

From our family to yours

Innovative, meaningful and creative ideas and products to help you learn, grow and just have fun!